Large Bark, Medium Bark, Fine Bark, Hog Fuel, Fine Alder Mulch, & Pacific NW Mulch


We can deliver from 1 to 30 yards in one truck. Call for prices.
You can also pick up this material at our Poulsbo yard.

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Large Bark
This is our Large Bark. It is from 3/4" to 3 - 4" pieces.
Medium Bark
This is our Medium Bark. It is also a Fir bark unscreened straight from the mill. It is a newer bark.
Fine Bark
This is our Fine Bark. It is screened from the Medium Bark and is from 3/4" down to bark dust.
Fine Alder Bark
This is our Fine Alder Bark. It is screened and aged, It is a good mulching bark and is pretty dark in color.
Hog Fuel Bark
Hog fuel is terrific for mud control and around construction sites. It drains well and can be used for animal beddings or horse arenas.

Pacific NW Mulch
This is our Pacific NW Mulch. It is made from hog fuel that is ground, screened, and aged, It is a good mulching bark and is a beautiful dark color.

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