Soil, Compost, Garden Soil, Pit Sand, Washed Sand,

Sandy Loam, & Fill Dirt


We can deliver from 1 to 15 yards in one truck. Call for prices.
You can also pick up this material at our Poulsbo yard.

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3 way mix Topsoil
This is our 3 way mix Topsoil. It is 1/3 peat, 1/3 sand, and 1/3 alder mulch. It is screened and weed free in that we do not put yard waste nor manure in it so there is no weed seeds.
Our Premium Compost
This is our Best Compost, which is an aged fine Alder Bark, Fir Needles with composted fish fertilizer.
Garden Soil
This is our Garden Soil, which is 1/2 our 3 way Topsoil & 1/2 our Compost.

Pit Sand
This is our Pit Sand. It is unscreened so there may be a few small pebbles in it. It can be used for fill, under pavers, etc.
Washed Sand
This is our Washed Sand. It is a coarser sand and usually used for concrete mix.
Sandy Loam
This is our Sandy Loam. It is unscreened so may have some rocks in it.
Fill Dirt
This is our Fill Dirt. It is unscreened and may have some sticks and bigger rocks in it. It is usually used as fill.
New Product
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New Product
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